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March 7, 2014 - Free Site Search Engine - Site Search Script - Google Site Search - Site Search with Google - Web Site Search Engine

How do I add a site search function to my website? Well, we needed a site search as well, so I programmed a simple to use site search tool that uses Google docs spreadsheet as the database. You can define your own specific keywords that will return your sites page results that you completely control.

You can also specify the link display text once the search result appears. No page limit, and very easy to copy and paste my code. The search input field you embed into your page HTML is a simple copy and paste code. Site Search using your own Google docs spreadsheet gives you full customizing of what URL's you want to include or exclude in your site search tool. My on site search is very lightweight and easy to understand. You could use a totally free one from Google but it displays all your website results in Google's results pages along with Sponsored ads. Or you can pay Google $100 per year to use their customized search tool that gives you a little more styling and no ads. Or you can purchase my code for a one time cost of $9.95 and the code is yours. Very lightweight and easy to customize to match your sites' design, plus you are in control of what, where, how & when. Enjoy!

  1. Setup Google docs spreadsheet & publish to the web using the "File" menu in Google docs spreadsheet. I included my example for combining columns.
  2. Copy the Google Docs "key" only the part between (?key= XXXXXX &ouput) in the published URL. You will need this key for the site search code.
  3. My code does all the rest. You simply insert the "key".
  4. You can then define search verbiage, style and sizing.
  5. Tested and works in all browsers.
  6. Simple web app that can embed in any html page of your site.
  7. My code is javascript / html based.
  8. Basic html knowledge required to use. Plus it wouldn't hurt to understand how to combine a few columns in excel. I do have a full example included.

I believe we can have things like this without memberships and ongoing costs. You can get my files for $9.95. Sorry, don't mean to sound like I'm wrangling over a few dollars, but it did require lot of programming and testing. So to help further the cause, go ahead and buy.



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Author: John Hooper - Web Design: GoHooper Web Design